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About Us

Inspire Creatives was founded in September 2010 by Andrew and Anna Page.

As a graphic designer Anna oversaw the design section of the business while Andrew focused on photography, trading under the names Andrew Page Photography (North West and Scotland) and Inspire Photography (North Wales).

In 2019 Andrew and Steve Fowle, a talented orchestral and folk musician, established a publishing wing - Inspire Publishing -
in order to collaborate on a project to translate 20 Polish traditional Christmas carols into English and make them accesible to as wide an audience as possible. 

In addition to the initial focus on Polish music and traditions, Inspire Publishing hopes to provide a platform for people of Polish origin or heritage living in the UK. We are also interested in publishing local histories, especially those relating to sports clubs and cultural societies.

Inspire Publishing aims to empower our communities to express themselves.  If we can help you please feel free to contact us at

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